Rummy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Everything You Need to Know about RummyCircle

1.1 How to play rummy games on RummyCircle?

To download the RummyCircle app, you can either visit or download it from the Google Play Store. After installation, register using your mobile number.

1.2 How can I invite my friends to RummyCircle?

To refer the RummyCircle app to friends, share your unique referral link through Whatsapp. Friends must download the app using your link or enter your referral code during registration. Each referral can earn you up to 500 Discount Credits. Note: Friends need to select “Have a Referral Code?” and enter the code at registration.

1.3 What rummy variants are available?

RummyCircle offers Pool 61/101/201, Points, and Deals rummy in 6-player and 2-player formats. Free games are also available to hone your skills.

1.4 How many cash games am I allowed to play daily?

There’s no limit to the number of cash games you can play daily on RummyCircle. However, play responsibly.

1.5 Are the cards shuffled randomly?

Yes, RummyCircle is RNG certified, ensuring random card shuffling. The certification is from iTechLabs, Australia.

1.6 How do I participate in a tournament?

Join rummy tournaments via the tournament icon on the app’s lobby page. Choose from free or cash tournaments, checking entry fees, timings, and formats.

1.7 What’s a “Waitlist” in tournaments?

If a tournament is full, you’ll be placed on a waitlist. You’ll join as space becomes available.

1.8 Benefits of “Mission”

Completing time-bound challenges earns you Discount Credits. More missions mean bigger rewards.

1.9 When is a rummy game settled?

Games are settled when a player wins or after 25 moves, whichever is sooner.

2.Rewards & Offers

2.1 Checking offers

View the RummyCircle app’s “All Offers” or the “Earn Cash” section for ongoing deals.

2.2 What are Discount Credits?

Earned from adding cash or using Superboost, these credits can cover up to 100% of a game’s Buy-In.

2.3 Earning Discount Credits

Earn credits by adding cash, using Superboost, or through promotional offers.

2.4 Utilizing Discount Credits

Use credits for discounted game Buy-Ins. More Superboost use equals more credits.

2.5 Using Discount Credits

They’re automatically applied for discounted Buy-Ins.

2.6 Expiry of Discount Credits

Credits don’t expire but are removed after 30 days of inactivity. Terms may change.

2.7 Free games benefits

Play without Buy-In balance, win Discount Credits, and enjoy unlimited free games.

2.8 Withdrawing winnings from free games

Discount Credits cannot be withdrawn.

2.9 Superboost explained

Win extra Discount Credits by transferring winnings to Game Balance via winning or withdrawals.

2.10 Withdrawing post-Superboost

Only withdrawal balance can be withdrawn, not Game Balance.

2.11 Reversing Superboost decisions

Decisions to transfer to Game Balance are final.

2.12 Superboost on delayed withdrawals

Superboost effects are instant, despite bank delays.

2.13 Superboost during withdrawals

Unavailable if TDS is applicable.

3.New GST Policy

3.1 Depositing GST

GST calculation and payment are handled by RummyCircle during Add Cash.

3.2 Bonus and GST

As of 1 October 2023, bonuses convert to Discount Credits, which don’t expire as quickly.

3.3 GST refund on cancelation

Deposited funds minus GST will be refunded.

4.Payment & Withdrawals

4.1 Adding Cash

Use the ‘Add Cash’ button and choose a payment method.

4.2 Security of funds

RummyCircle ensures the safety of your money and personal data.

4.3 Playing without cash

Practice games are available for free play.

4.4 Winning payouts

Winnings are instantly transferred to your RummyCircle wallet.

4.5 Failed deposits

Contact your bank for updates on refunds for failed transactions.

4.6 TDS details

30% TDS is calculated on net winnings. GST is separate and applicable on deposits.

4.7 TDS and GST

Both taxes are applicable and separate.

4.8 Withdrawal timing

Withdrawals are immediate, subject to a daily limit and minimum balance.

4.9 Delayed withdrawals

Please wait 72 hours for bank processing.

4.10 Withdrawal failures

Ensure accurate bank details and check for account issues.


5.1 Referral Program benefits

Refer friends for up to 500 Discount Credits per cash game they play.

5.2 Referral limit

There’s no limit to the number of referrals.

5.3 Viewing Discount Credits

Refer to “My Wallet” in the app.

5.4 Receiving Discount Credits

Credits are instant upon the referred friend playing their first cash game.

5.5 Expiry of credits

Credits expire after 30 days of inactivity.

5.6 Referral period

Benefits valid within 30 days of referral.

5.7 Referring from Gamezy

Direct referrals to RummyCircle, as Gamezy Rummy has merged.

5.8 Past Gamezy referees

No new benefits for previous Gamezy referrals.


6.1 Providing contact information

A mobile number is mandatory for verification; an email is optional but recommended.

6.2 Customer support

Contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

6.3 Play restrictions

Online cash games are banned in certain states, but practice games are available.

6.4 Network issues

If facing app problems, restart your device, clear cache, update the app, try a different network, or contact support.

6.5 Updating KYC

KYC updates are made in the “Profile” section, with verification within 24 hours.

6.6 KYC rejection

Check your KYC tab for rejection reasons.

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